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Why Join the NJCM Business Council?

An opportunity exists for the establishment of a common platform whereby business and local government can seek common grounds and develop solutions to the challenges that face both the public and private sectors throughout the state. The NJCM is an organization which exclusively represents Mayors from all municipalities of New Jersey. It is the perfect statewide organization to facilitate such a blending of experience, talent and knowledge. In doing so, we will represent a united voice in Trenton that will have the ability to effectuate a positive change in the laws as they relate to both business and municipal operations.

Given our heavy reliance on property taxes as a funding source in the state of New Jersey, economic development and redevelopment are paramount to the future health of our communities. While our state government seeks to encourage economic growth and positive business practices, lawmakers continue to overlook or ignore the intricacies in blending business and government in the municipal setting. Consequently, laws are written that place undue burden on either private enterprise or the local government unit, or both.

Mayors have a unique understanding of the local needs and issues when it comes to businesses and their community, yet no real on-going forum exists to allow the in-depth exchange of ideas and problems between the two. Furthermore, increased lobbying efforts are needed to change existing laws or influence laws in the making that are detrimental to a seamless blend of municipalities and their local businesses. The Business Council is the first organization of its kind to create a public/private partnership of Mayors and business to jointly address the economic challenges we face in New Jersey.

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