Preliminary Draft Renewal of the Tier A MS4 NJPDES Permit

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is soliciting comments on a Preliminary Draft Renewal of the Tier A Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) NJPDES Permit which is attached for your convenience.  A preliminary draft permit provides interested parties with an opportunity to comment prior to the issuance of a draft permit.  This gives the Department an opportunity to consider and possibly resolve some issues raised by interested parties prior to the issuance of a draft permit.  The release of the preliminary draft permit does not mark the start of the formal comment period and the Department will not issue a response to comments received on the preliminary draft permit renewal, but will consider these comments during preparation of a draft permit renewal.


Although this Preliminary Draft renewal permit applies to only Tier A municipalities, the Department is sharing it with all New Jersey MS4 permittees and other interested parties in order to gather additional feedback.  The Department intends to issue the Tier B renewal permit in the next few months.  Attached is a listing of Tier A and Tier B municipalities.  For more information about the Department’s municipal stormwater regulation program visit


The Department is interested in your comments on the preliminary draft permit.  The preliminary draft permit, supporting documents and instructions for submitting comments are posted  As indicated on the webpage, comments and questions can be directed to or by replying directly to this email.  The Department is requesting the submission of written comments on the preliminary draft Tier A permit by April 15, 2016.


James Murphy, Chief

Bureau of Nonpoint Pollution Control

Division of Water Quality

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection




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