November 12 Legislative Committee Meeting

The Legislative Committee discussed the following recent legislation that was acted upon by the Governor.

Actions Taken By the Governor:

  • A-815/S-852(Coughlin, Ciattarelli, Diegnan, Pinkin, Giblin/Vitale)– Requires municipalities which license peddlers and solicitors to accept certain background check results from other municipalities – SIGNED INTO LAW
  • A-2385/S-944  (McKeon, Diegnan, Jasey, Andrzejczak/Smith, Codey) –Authorizes rural electric cooperative and certain municipalities to establish municipal shared services authority – SIGNED INTO LAW
  • A-3843/S-2735 (Caputo, Giblin, Tucker, Johnson, Mainor, Sumter/Rice) – Permits municipality to enact ordinance allowing voluntary registration of private outdoor video surveillance cameras – SIGNED INTO LAW
  • A-3983/S-2574 (Mazzeo, Burzichelli, Giblin/Sweeney, Whelan)– Authorizes supplemental State aid to school districts in municipality with significant decrease in commercial property valuation; makes appropriation – SIGNED INTO LAW
  • A-947/S-2216 (Singleton, Lagana, Diegnan/Pennacchio, Rice) – Requires release of bid list prior to bid date under “Local Public Contracts Law” CONDITIONAL VETO
  • A-2579/S-1510  (Mukherji, Pintor Marin, Eustace/Smith, Bateman) –Authorizes municipalities to facilitate private financing of water conservation, storm shelter construction, and flood and hurricane resistance projects through use of voluntary special assessments – CONDITIONAL VETO
  • A-3223/S-2056 (Singleton, Lampitt, Quijano, Pintor Marin, Wimberly/Sarlo, Ruiz) – Requires Division of Local Government Services to include certain property tax information on division’s web page CONDITIONAL VETO
  • A-3500/S-1973 (Andrzejczak, Pinkin, Quijano/Van Drew, Beach) – Requires local recreation departments and youth serving organizations to have defibrillators for youth athletic events – ABSOLUTE VETO
  • A-4265/S-2783 (McKeon, Pintor Marin, Jasey, Caputo, Giblin, Tucker, Spencer, Oliver, Gusciora, Danielson/Codey, Ruiz, Rice) – Permits municipal, county, and regional police and fire forces to establish five-year residency requirement for police officers and firefighters; allows exceptions to requirement under certain circumstances – ABSOLUTE VETO

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