December 3 Legislative Committee report

Items discussed:


Transportation Trust Fund

Nothing new to report on either issue

Bills reviewed

A-4703 (Spencer) – Increases value of Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant program tax credits to $650 million; restricts $50 million of tax credits to certain qualified residential projects. Committee took no action

A-4709 (Schaer) – Prohibits employers from seeking or releasing salary history of certain employees. Committee took no action

A-4716 (Johnson) – Modifies performance and maintenance guarantee requirements under “Municipal Land Use Law.” Committee took no action

A-4740 (Dancer) – Prohibits municipal ordinance to create sanctuary city; Establishes State and local employee ethics violation upon noncompliance with federal immigration enforcement request. Committee voted in support

A-4745 (Dancer) – Deems dispute between local government and pipeline operator concerning danger posed by certain natural gas pipelines as contested case. Waiting for BPU’s position to be known

A-4750 (Singleton) – Requires police vehicles to be equipped with Global Positioning System tag devices. Committee voted to oppose due to no funding proposed in legislation

A-4764 (Burzichelli) – Expands municipal authority to license rental of real property. Committee voted in support

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