December 17 Legislative Committee report

Bills for Review:

  • A-4846 (Bucco) – Requires local units to recover contributions under Emergency Services Length of Service Award Program paid in excess of statutory limit; requires annual audits. The committee voted to support this bill

  • A-4847 (Carroll)– Requires municipalities comprised within regional school districts to share certain payments received in lieu of taxes with counties and regional school districts. The committee voted to monitor this bill

  • A-4852 (Dancer) – Permits municipality to charge public utility fee to cover full cost of traffic control services that municipality deemed necessary due to emergency work performed by public utility. The committee voted to monitor this bill and seek input from the Business Council

  • A-4864 (O’Scanlon) –  Links police and fire interest arbitration base salary cap to property tax levy; makes cap permanent. The committee voted to monitor this bill and put on the list for future action

  • A-4869 (Moriarty) – Establishes “Police Body Camera Implementation Task Force” to study and make recommendations concerning use of body cameras by law enforcement agencies in this State. The committee objected to plan to have the League of Municipalities recommend mayors to serve on task force. NJCM should also have input on recommendation

  • ACR-1 (Prieto) – Amends State Constitution to dedicate all State revenues from motor fuels and petroleum products gross receipts tax to transportation system.

  • ACR-2 (Caputo)– Proposes constitutional amendment to allow Legislature to authorize by law establishment and operation of casinos in certain counties. The committee voted to monitor this bill

  • ACR-3 (Prieto)– Proposes constitutional amendment to require payments by State to State-administered retirement systems and establish in Constitution right of public employees to pension benefit; provides for enforcement of funding obligations and benefit rights. The committee voted to monitor this bill

  • ACR-4 (Greenwald)– Proposes constitutional amendment to change membership of legislative Apportionment Commission; imposes certain requirements on commission for process and legislative district composition. The committee voted to monitor this bill

  • S-3276 (Whelan) – Authorizes local units of government subject to “Local Public Contracts Law” and “Public School Contracts Law” to use electronic procurement technologies. The committee voted to monitor this bill

Response to Questions:

  • A-4716 (Johnson)– Modifies performance and maintenance guarantee requirements under “Municipal Land Use Law.” The committee voted to monitor this bill


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