New Jersey Conference of Mayors Legislative Committee Conference Call Thursday – February 2, 2017

New Jersey Conference of Mayors
Legislative Committee Conference Call
Thursday – February 2, 2017

Roll Call:
Jack Morrissey
Mayor Tim Mc Donough
Mayor Sue Howard
Mayor Jim Perry
Mayor Chuck Chiarello
Mayor Shing-Fu Hsueh
Mayor Maria DiGiovanni
Honorable Guy Piserchia
Paul Bent,NJCM Legislative Consultant

Bills for Review:
• A4277 – Singleton – Permits referendum question on sale or lease of municipal public utility at time of primary election and, if applicable, municipal regular election.
• A-4531 (Schaer) – Requires public utility to provide notice in writing to municipality at least one calendar year prior to initiating work on infrastructure project requiring BPU approval. Motion to support made by Mayor Sue Howard, 2nd by Hon. Guy Piserchia. All in favor.
• A-4532 (DeAngelo) – Exempts certain personal information from State’s open public records law; bars attorney’s fees award in denial of access proceeding in certain circumstances. Motion to support with suggestion to be expanded to include residents email address made by Mayor Chuck Chiarello, 2nd by Mayor Jim Perry. All in favor.
• A-4533 (Lagana) – Permits municipality in which private golf club holds plenary retail consumption license to issue additional license. Clarification requested.
• S-2921 (Rice) – Requires State agencies and local government units to report certain information concerning bids on public contracts by minority- and women-owned business enterprises; prohibits discrimination against such enterprises. Oppose
• S-2945 (Oroho) – Prohibits municipal ordinance to create sanctuary city; Establishes State and local employee ethics violation upon noncompliance with federal immigration enforcement request. (Note: The Legislative Committee previously took a position to support this bill on December 3, 2015). Motion to support made by Mayor Jim Perry, 2nd by Mayor Ray Heck. Mayor Chuck Chiarello abstained. All others in favor.
• S-2947 (Beck) – Limits certain unused sick leave pay and vacation leave carry-forward for public officers and employees. Monitor.
• S-2958 (Stack) – Provides for the appointment of municipal court officer. Motion to support made by Mayor Maria DiGiovini, 2nd by Mayor Chuck Chiarello. All in favor.
• S-2975 (Greenstein) – Creates Statewide Housing Bank. Monitor pending further instructions.

Note: At this time, we are tracking 114 bills.

Legislative Activity Since our Last Meeting of January 12th:
• A-3585 (Muoio) – Requires municipalities to conduct lead paint inspections in single- and two-family dwellings; requires reporting of inspection results to State. Released by the Assembly Housing & Community Development Committee on January 12th by a vote of 4 to 0. Now pending before the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Monitor.
• A-3720 (Chaparro) – Authorizes municipalities to regulate Internet-organized events. Released by the Assembly State & Local Government Committee on January 19th by a vote of 3 to 1. Now at second reading in the Assembly awaiting a floor vote. Monitor.
• A-3881 (Wisniewski)- Establishes pilot program to allow certain counties and municipalities to use single firm for design and inspection services on certain transportation projects. Released by the Assembly Transportation Committee on January 19th by a vote of 9 to 0. Now pending before the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Monitor


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